Investigative reporter

Chris is an award-winning television journalist whose reporting has increasingly focused on unearthing the human stories behind the headlines, leading to frequent undercover filming.

His first major investigation helped end the scandal of child prisoners in adult jails in the Philippines, and his films on the ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Middle East won an Amnesty International Award.

After seeing one of Chris’s award-winning reports exposing terrible conditions in European orphanages, the Duchess of York asked Chris to take her and her princess daughters undercover to witness the problem first-hand.

The unprecedented ITV Tonight Special sent shockwaves across the globe and caused a diplomatic storm. Chris's first book, Undercover, co-authored with Marshall Corwin, tells the inside story of the making of the Special.

A regular presenter on the BBC News Channel, Chris has also presented on ITV News and SKY News, and at nineteen was the youngest-ever presenter of the BBC TV children's news programme Newsround.

Chris is the 2011 winner of the Human Rights Journalism Award at the Human Trafficking Foundation Media Awards.